Jill & Co uses strategic PR to help media and content companies get from A to B - whether you’re one of the most established companies in the industry, or an ambitious start-up, and wherever in the world you are based.

We are a team of experts; leaders in our field. Our expertise covers the full range of PR and communications needs - from helping to grow your business through the right kind of storytelling, to helping clients walk a more difficult road. Whether you need a light touch or a more substantial intervention, we can be your partner every step of the way.

We not only understand PR, we understand the TV and content landscapes and have a substantial global network of contacts.  We are renowned for our networking skills and our ability to connect businesses for their mutual benefit.

Our clients trust us.  They trust our experience and trust us to do the best for them.  Our team comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, making a positive contribution to our clients' business performance.  We can be of real benefit to your business, too.  Why not contact us?